Market salary rate exemption threshold for a 457 nomination increases

Earlier, it was noted that among the reforms of the 457 visa programme, one was that the market salary rate threshold was decreasing from AUD 250 000 to its previous amount of AUD 180 000. Briefly, any nomination with a salary higher than this threshold does not require a business nominator to demonstrate that the terms and conditions of the nominee is according to the market salary rate: a benchmark of the terms and conditions the employer does or would pay to an equivalent Australia citizen or permanent resident worker in the same position and undertaking the same work.

The relevant instrument that was to decrease the threshold was disallowed in the Senate. This means that the old, higher threshold of AUD 250 000 was back in effect yesterday and will be in force for the foreseeable future. Any existing nomination application yet to be decided will be assessed according to this higher amount.