Work and Holiday visa holders will soon be able to double their stay

In perhaps a surprise to many, Work and Holiday (subclass 462) visa holders will soon be able to apply for a second Work and Holiday visa, and effectively double their time in Australia.

From 19 November 2016, when new regulations commence, Work and Holiday visa holders will be able to apply for a second Work and Holiday visa provided they have not held more than one Work and Holiday visa in Australia, and have carried out ‘specified Subclass 462 work’ for a total period of at least 3 months while holding this visa, among other things.

‘Specified Subclass 462 work’ has yet to be determined, however, it is hinted that the Government will stipulate that it must be done in Northern Australia, and in the agriculture, forestry, fisheries, tourism and hospitality industries. This work will need to have been undertaken on or after 19 November 2016. Any work prior to this date will not count.

This brings this visa in line with the Working Holiday (subclass 417) visa, which has allowed a second visa for a number of years now.

Many people ask, what is the difference between the two visas? There are quite a few despite the confusing similarity in names. They are both designed for cultural exchange, however, the passport and nationality of the visa applicant will determine which subclass they may be eligible for.

The Work and Holiday visa is generally the poorer sibling to the Working Holiday visa as they have varying country specific educational requirements, may require their government support from their country, and are generally subject to capping of the number of visa grants by country per year.

At least the addition of a second Work and Holiday visa will provide further labour sources for industries and areas of need, by providing these visa holders a way of being able to further their stay in Australia.